General Objective:
The objective of the module is to
provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the processes and
principles that govern the movement and distribution of water in natural
systems. Students will gain knowledge of the hydrological cycle and develop an
understanding of the variations in the occurrence, movement, and distribution
of water in natural systems. 
Learning Outcomes:

On completion of the module, students will be able to:

1.      Demonstrate an understanding of the hydrological cycle and identify variations in flow and dispersion patterns.

2.      Evaluate the amount of precipitation using various methods and techniques.

3.      Calculate water losses due to evapotranspiration in a hydrological system.

4.      Apply the concept of hydrographs in the assessment of surface runoff using different methods.

5.      Quantify infiltration amounts using various infiltration methods.

6.      Utilize different Hydrometry instruments to estimate stream flow and water discharge.

7.      Apply the concept of hydrologic routing and its applications in water resource management.