Semester VI

Module Title :  CTS401 Control Systems (Borrowed from EED)
Credit Value : 12
Module Tutors : Mr. Kamal K Chapagai

General objectives:
The goal of this module is to allow students understand and apply the fundamental principles for analysis and design of control systems. The module provides students with ample practical problems and their solutions. The laboratory sessions provides opportunity to experiment with actual control systems hardware.

Learning outcomes:
On completion of the module, learner will be able to:
1) Analyse the effect of feedback on a system
2) Construct physical (dynamic) systems
3) Select and analyse time response specifications (performance Index) of a control system
4) Calculate and/or state steady-state error specifications of a control system
5) Design compensators/controllers through root locus design and frequency response techniques
6) State Models of linear systems (transfer function to state space and vice-versa)
7) Identify and distinguish Z-Transform Function and Inverse Z-Transform Function