Dear Students,

Welcome to the course Foundation Engineering!!!

General Objective:

The module aims to introduce the concepts of environment and associated issues such as poverty, disaster risk reduction and gender. It dwells on the key emerging environmental pressures in the country and the corresponding adaptation measures in response to the pressure. Mainstreaming of cross cutting issues (environment, climate change, poverty, disaster and gender) into policies and plans and mainstreaming tools such as SEA and EIA are also introduced.


Learning outcomes:

On completion of the module, students will be able to:

1.     Explain man-environment relationship and emerging sustainability problems/issues.

2.     Prepare a range of innovative and proactive adaptation and disaster resilient measures to respond to climate change.

3.     Suggest remedial measures to overcome environmental pressures.

4.     Explain Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

5.     Describe the concept of Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment

6.     Evaluate Risk Assessment on disaster risk reduction.

7.     Describe mainstreaming of cross cutting issues of ECPM (Environment Climate Change and Poverty Management)